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Take a Backward Glance into our Tangled Branches with another Piece of the Puzzle.

Take a Backward Glance into our Tangled Branches with another Piece of the Puzzle. Every family has a story.
Every family has a story, welcome to ours

It’s all about the story. The emotion. The picture.

Take a Backward Glance into our Tangled Branches with another Piece of the Puzzle.
Let’s take a Backward Glance Into Our Tangled Branches

Have you every picked up on an interesting lineage?
Or some summary of a person or families life and been totally caught up in it?
Made that emotional connection? Got the chills from a picture?
Because that is what we are after, Right? Telling the story!
Making people come back to life. Honoring those that came before us.
Boxes with lines and a name and a birth date just don’t do that!

What if, instead of building trees, we wrote lineages or stories?

Back away from the tree. Pick your favorite ancestral couple, and document their life and family. Include sources and narratives. Afterwards, start working back. I bet you think it through a whole lot more. I bet you avoid silly errors and have a better understanding of the people.

Now go show that to someone. Will you get a “this is awesome” or an “uh, huh” ?

I have come to the point where I truly believe that a tree is not the end goal. It’s a “paint by numbers” genealogy tool, if you will. But I want something more than that for my ancestors.

So come along with me if you will…let’s take a Backward Glance into our Tangled Branches with another Piece of the Puzzle.

*NOTE: this section of this website is for the purpose of sharing information that I found.
It is NOT to be used as a TRUE RESOURCE due to some descrepancies that I also found during my research.
As with Family History Books…ALWAYS verify the info before taking it as fact.

My Ancestor Memorials

Adams-Sarah Elizabeth 1849-1924

Almon-Samantha E_1842
Anderson-Elizabeth 1702-1784
Andrews-James 1715-1760
Archer-Frances 1705-1768
Ashmore-Sarah 1723-1749
Aspinwall-Hannah 1715-1777
Baker-Jonathan 1740-1785
Barbee-Nancy 1732-1892
Barbour-Joseph 1720-1815
Barksdale-Collier 1715-1774
Bass-William 1682-1753
Baugh-James III 1713-1813
Bennett-Brambly Wade 1730-1783
Bennett-William 1703-1777
Branch-Sissarah 1695-1776
Brooks-Robert Rose 1728-1806
Brown-George 1721-1811
Bullock-Rosemary 1748-1768
Burgess-Garner 1726-1790
Burnham-Sarah 1729-1760
Burnley-Israel 1725-1791
Cabaniss-Matthew 1712-1790
Clay-Hannah 1690-1789
Clements-Mary Polly 1730-1790
Crain-William 1704-1780
Crocker-Rebecca 1710-
Crocker-Samuel 1697-1769
Cruse-Isham 1748-1768
Davis-James 1744-1816
Davis-Martha 1735-1768
Dickinson-Elizabeth 1735-1766
Epps-Francis 1726-1789
Evans-Thomas 1714-1734
Felton-Richard III 1730-1775
Floyd-Elizabeth 1729-1790
Fort-Joseph 1725-1797
Frazier-Mary 1724-1815
Glenn-William 1745-1765
Goad-Hannah 1732-1771
Gonsalus-Emanuel IV 1720-1789
Goodrich-Mary 1708-1732
Gresham-Edward 1710-1786
Hamlin-Ruth 1693-1743
Harding-Mary 1733-1777
Harman-Heinrich 1726-1822
Harrell-Ann 1735-1792
Harrell-John II 1719-1755
Harvey-Thomas 1739-1792
Hawkins-Pinkethman 1728-1782
Hayes-Elizabeth 1747-1778
Highsmith-Rev. Daniel Highsmith 5ggf
Hill-Abraham 1698-1760
Hinton-Judith 1705-1760
Hobbs-Thomas Hobbs 1740-1780
Hodge-Elizabeth 1732-1820
Hutchins-James 1728-1782 5th great-grandfather
Jones-Ebenezer 1706-1777
Knott-Charles 1714-1793
Lawrence-Maria 1723-1782
Leatherlin-James 1684-1793
Leatherlin-Prudence 1732-1825
Lumpkin-Robert 1688-1784
Majors-Bernard 1710-1777
Mannard/Manning-W 1732-1768
McCarter-Margarette 1745-1832
McClanahan-Margaret 1722-
McKee-Jean Milton 1705-1754
*Merrill Rachel 1730–1802 (Harvey) 5ggm
Motley-John 1730-1776
Neale-Matthew 1723-1760
Parker-Lucretia Parker 1734–1816 5ggm
Parker-Mary 1744-1815
Pattillo-James 1725-1782
Priest-Thomas 1700-1781
Randolph-Sarah 1715-1774
Reagan-James 1738-1827
Rhodes-Mary 1710-1803
Richardson-Morgan Daniel 1730-1796
Richards-Susannah 1718-1809
Riddick-Micajah 1744-1894
Smith-Nancy 1740-1827
Stone-Martha 1714-1770
Terrell-Hannah 1725-1792
Thompson-Alexander 1739-1815
Tillman-R 1710-1766
Tinsley-Mary 1691-1793
Trent-Alexander II 1702-1750
Tucker-Daniel (Ole Dan Tucker) 1724-1804
Turner-John 1727-1811
Van Etten-Jannette 1729-1787
Wade-Edward 1727-1790
Wade-Elizabeth 1728-? 5ggm
Watson-Mary 1731-1813
Webb-Johanna 1707-
White-Blumer 1704-1764
White-Charity 1731-1769
Whitten-Charles 1736-1798
Wilburn-Nancy 1730-1808
Williams-M Skinner 1719-1755
Wilson-Jenney 1740-1786
Winters-Frederick Sr 1725-1789
Woods-Sarah 1741-1810
Wright-Rebecca 1714-1734

Your story (and mine) began long before you. Take a Backward Glance into our Tangled Branches with another Piece of the Puzzle.

The list might seem long, and will never be complete. As I continue to research, more links will be added. So check back often to search for common ancestors.

Take a Backward Glance into our Tangled Branches with another Piece of the Puzzle.

Now, go have fun and enjoy yourself, because family history really is fun, exciting, detective work.
And it can be filled with great blessings too! Explore the world from your ancestor’s point of view.
Discover where you came from. Get to know who you are!

QUOTE: “We inherit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted. Each of us contains within this inheritance of soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promise.” – Edward Sellner