Genealogy - writing the stories of our ancestors
Cooking with Grandma - sharing vintage family recipes
Gardening with Grandma - sharing tips of a favorite hobby
Ramblings - things that catch my eye or that I just want to share

Ramblings – Recipes – and Genealogy! That’s what you’ll find on Grandma Raised In The South.
Our primary focus is to share information on the research of our family tree, but we love sharing our vintage recipes and gardening tips too.

GENEALOGY – Our primary focus – sharing information on the research of our family tree via the internet.
One special strategy we found that helps to preserve our family history is the use of stories.
For some of us, there is nothing more moving and powerful than sharing a family story. After all, what is the point of genealogy if not to write the stories of our ancestors as a legacy to the generations to come.

COOKING – Few things could be considered more nostalgic than combing through those family dated recipes.
Vintage recipes can be interesting and sometimes amazing and finding an old recipe in cursive handwriting can be a real treasure. Preserving an old family recipe can keep a loved ones’ memory alive and ensures that they can and should be shared with future generations.

GARDENING – Gardening is perhaps one of the best hobbies that a more laborious nature lover can take up.
Our ancestor’s vegetable garden, where the gardener raised various crops for the family consumption, was generally tended by the woman of the house as “kitchen gardens.” Included are tips for growing vegetables and flowers. Afterall, planting heirloom varieties of flowering plants can also provide a bridge to the past.

Now that brings us to those subjects that I just want to share…

RAMBLINGS – As with most aging grandmothers, sometimes my mind rambles onto different topics.
It might be a senior tip or diy decoration that has inspired me.
Whatever the case, it will go under this topic because I dislike the title, “uncharacterized” or “miscellaneous”.