Genealogy With Grandma

Grandma Raised In The South, A family history researcher! Let’s talk family history.

Over the years, I have learned equally about myself as I have about my ancestors. I discovered a love for writing family history and turning those dry facts into fascinating stories.

A new wave of family historians has emerged as genealogy transforms into an online hobby.
I’ve noticed that a lot of family historians now do the majority of their research from their lazyboy and laptop as opposed to sitting in the archives scrolling through microfilms and reference books.

A collection of photos, documents and family history.

Our primary focus is sharing information on the research of our family tree via the internet.
We believe that preserving your family history for future generations can be unlocked with one special strategy…stories.
For some of us, there is nothing more moving and powerful than sharing your family story.
After all what is the point of genealogy if not to write the stories of our ancestors as a legacy to the generations to come. Keep in mind, it will never be complete. No ones’s family history is! Here are a few ideas of how we share our findings about our ancestors with you.

Backward Glance Bios

Scattered Leaves in Our Family History

Our Tangled Branches

Twigs & Trees