You tried to fool me…

You tried to fool me

You tried to fool me… that’s disgusting!

Today will be my day to rant… or vent… whichever you choose to call it. It’s been a very stressful week. It started off on Monday with a migraine and as the week progressed it only got more stressful. I have been managing a mobile home park for a number of years. I have some good tenants, but I have some that I wish lived elsewhere… far, far, away for me! I fully understand the term, “Trailer Park Trash”. My main problem has always been with one family. The old man and his shack-up girlfriend. I don’t know how many times he was actually married but he must have 25 kids (all by different women), because more keep popping up. But that is only part of the problem.

He loves to tell everyone that “he” owns the park! Every time we have an abandoned trailer, he tells people he owns it. He and one of his sons actually sold one that had been vacant for a number of years. You have to admit that the person that bought it without a legal title wasn’t much brighter than they were. He’s moved in his buddies into another that had no windows. Yes, I know you are probably thinking… just call the law! Well, I did! They somehow managed to get a title from somewhere, so I wasn’t able to do anything. Another case of the law protecting the criminals.

Back to his latest… a young couple separated. The wife and kids left, but the husband remained. Somewhere down the line, the husband decide he wanted his family, so he left. Well, the checks continued to come in, so we assumed he still had things he needed to get, so no problem. Then the checks changed to Money Orders… but they still had his name on them. Then NO PAYMENT! I went down to see if anyone was around and found no one. Then I received a phone call with a complaint about people being too loud. It was late and I learned a long time ago… don’t go into a trailer park after dark unless you’ve got a lot of law enforcement and headlights! So I waited until morning. I went to the sheriff office first! When we arrived at the mobile home, there was a young man in the yard raking. I had never seen him before. They immediately handcuffed him and proceeded to search the trailer. And yes, they found drugs! So they hauled him off to jail… only to release him a few hours later.

No matter how many times the old goat is told he can’t do something, he never gets it! He’s been told to his face, he’s been given copies of our rules & regulations, he’s had certified letters, and he’s been told by the deputy sheriffs numerous times. The last one asked me if he was retarded or just plain stupid! Seems he told some kids an amusing story… he owns the park and he had a vacant trailer he would rent them. The terms were they had to do repairs for him and he gave them a reduced price. Now the thing I haven’t quite figured out… how they got the power turned on? But I had no trouble getting it turned off.

The light fixtures had been ripped out and wires were hanging. The electricity should never have been turned on. The drain pipes had been replaced under the kitchen sink with the pipes going straight out the side wall and the floor was soaked under the sink. I won’t go into more details. Needless to say, I am looking for someone to tear it down! The furniture belonged to the former tenant but I told the kids to take it all. I don’t want anything that’s been associated with drugs! Including them! Just get it ALL out! And if all goes like I want it to… he and his family are gonna be history too!

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