Southern Stems Florist Review

A good florist will get great reviews and a mediocre florist… well… you be the judge.

Ordered a spray for a funeral. Asked for red carnations with a black bow. A fairly simple order but you would have thought by the response they gave that it was something extremely hard to do. Not so if you are a true florist. One that creates arrangements for all occasions. In the floral business you should be trained to create arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and yes, weddings. In my opinion, if you can’t do a spray, you’re not much of a florist.

This is a funeral spray!

At first they refused to accept the order. Then when they realized there was more than one, they decided to take advantage. But what they sent was not a spray.

Not the exact thing, but pretty close!

Flowers for a funeral should at least resemble the order that was placed. In business, you should also remember, the customer is always right. Learn to deal with it and do your best. But of course, if you are only mediocre, you’ve already done your best!

Only the mediocre are always at their best.

What’s the opposite of mediocre? Excellent, exceptional, extraordinary, first-rate!
Believe me, Southern Stems in Newnan, GA is only mediocre? I would never recommend them for funeral flowers!
That is, unless you want to be horribly embarrassed by what they send!

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