Shopkick Review with NO Sugar Coating

Using the shopkick app

So many people have added this app to their phone and used a few times.
It appears to be a great app UNTIL you start to use it frequently and then it has issues!

Of course, if you report the issues to support, then you have more issues and chances are your account will be suspended.
Better Business Bureau Review
I had talked with a few friends about the app. Even posted a link on my FB page. I wish I could take back everything good I had to say now.
It’s Vicky Review
Having a lot of time on my hands because of trying to deal with grief, I decided to devote a little to what I called the “shopkick game”.
I built up a good amount of “kicks” because I was also making some purchases to UP my kicks a little.
Doctor of Credit Review
I had a few problems and reported them to support.
Yep… they suspended my account and took my kicks!

So if you’ve actually been able to earn enough to get a gift card, consider yourself blessed. Not everyone makes it!

While many users have had positive experiences with the app, a large number have had issues. In fact, the ratings from Google Play showed that more than 8,000 people gave it a one-star rating.
Many people complain that the app doesn’t work or that it only works some of the time.

Others complain that their account got deactivated even though they hadn’t done anything wrong. This is a common issue with survey companies as well, because companies are often very heavy-handed about protecting themselves from people manipulating the system.

Scroll down the page for… It’s just not worth it…

Use your own judgment! Afterall, you have nothing to lose but time. But what is your time worth to you?

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