Misunderstood Bikers

Bikers misunderstood

I have always wondered why bikers seem to be so misunderstood. Just because you enjoy the ride with the wind blowing on your face doesn’t mean that you are a hoodlum or that you are doing something unlawful.

Through the years I’ve had a lot of friends who are bikers. I enjoy riding myself. It’s just something about the view and the freedom you feel as you travel down a country road.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

But getting back to some of the friends I’ve known and a story once told to me. I had an accident when I was in my early 20s on my motorcycle. So I made quite a few visits to a clinic in Columbus and had a lot of conversations with a fellow biker.
You see, this friend and his wife really loved to ride! They rode from Columbus, GA to Panama City, FL for no particular reason… just to ride!

Well, it began to rain, so they started to look for a place to stay, since they had not made any reservations. Back then it wasn’t usually too hard to find a place to stay without reservations. They pulled into a nice motel and went inside. Asked about a room, but were told, “sorry, we’re full”.
So they go back on the bike and traveled a little further and found another motel that looked like a good place to stay. Again, they went inside to inquire about a room. Again, they got the same answer, “sorry, we’re full”. So again, they got back on the bike and traveled a little further. By this time they were really soaked and tired.

They pulled into this old run-down motel and went inside. They were getting desperate for a dry place to rest by now. Again, they went inside and inquired about a room. Again, they received the same response. Sorry, we are full! Obviously, being soaked to the bone and riding a motorcycle was not appealing to any of the desk clerks!

My friend responded to this with… well, how much will you take for this damn place? I’ll just buy it!

You see folks, my friend was a very well-to-do DOCTOR! And had the money to buy any of these motels he and his wife had stopped at.
My point is… you can’t judge people by what YOU see! It made no difference to these motel clerks that this elderly couple was soaked to the bone and needed a place to stay. They had no idea that they had money to pay. They were turned down because they were riding a motorcycle!

Traveling Biker

Movies and TV shows have really given motorcycle riders a bad name. But let me tell you, all bikers are NOT Hell’s Angels! Are bikers clubs are not Gangs! These people are just everyday people who just happen to enjoy riding a motorcycle! Don’t knock it, if you’ve never ridden one!

No one seems to think about the good that a lot of our biker clubs do.

They organize Charity Rides for a lot of different reasons. Each one pays a certain amount to ride. The more riders, the more money raised. I’ve seen money raised for surgeries, funerals, food, and so much more. Clubs all over the country have an annual Toys for Tots ride at the end of each year.
These bikers have big hearts! Yet, people treat them like dirt!

Best Friends to have!

Now, I have to admit that there was something that provoked me into sharing this. You see, people are so mean, thoughtless, and just downright asses when it comes to bikers. Over the holiday weekend, a fellow biker passed away suddenly. Fellow club members, as well as branches of the club wanted to send flowers for the funeral. They have a special spray that they always send.

You probably guessed… most shops were closed. But there were a few still open the day before the funeral. Well, a particular shop was called and the response was, “We’re busy. We don’t have time to do funeral flowers! Finally, someone local went to the so-called florist, and begged! Like my other buddy, they were desperate. They finally agreed to do the sprays. Yes, there was more than one because these were branches associate with the main club.
I hesitate to mention names because I don’t want this to fall back on them. This is just to make a point as to how people treat other people just because they don’t see things in the same perspective.

So these guys take off from there normal everyday jobs and go to the funeral. They all ride their bikes as a tribute to their fellow biker! They get to the service and there is no spray! Nothing that even resembles a funeral spray! I’m not sure what I would call what they got for the money they spent. I wouldn’t even call it an arrangement! It was that bad!
My guess is, they figured that the call came from someone that was 100 miles away and probably wouldn’t be at the funeral. But the main reason was certainly because it was a Biker Club!

Okay, I’ve had my say now. I will be posting this for the world to see. I have already left my Feedback/Review on Google for this so-called florist.
One more thing… What goes around, always comes back around. Karma is a bitch! Bless yo little heart, Southern Stems! Your time is coming!

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