It’s mine… all mine!

It's Mine

It’s Mine

I never thought too much about the freebie newspapers that are left at restaurants until yesterday. My husband mention that he saw an obituary in the paper and forgot to ask me if I knew them. He couldn’t remember the name, so I got up from our table and walked to the stand to check one of the papers. Well, every one was taken with the exception of the pieces that were left and I needed the front page to check the obits.
As I started back to our table I noticed that a “lady” with a paper scattered all over her table. I spotted the front page off to the side so I stopped and asked if I might glance at the front page.

Hands off... it's mine!

Hands off… it’s mine!

I certainly was expecting the reaction I got! She was quick to inform me that “she was looking at it!” I replied, “Funny, looked to me like you were looking at all those sales papers! I only wanted to glance at it, I wasn’t gonna keep it! I have my own paper at home! We pay for ours! You have a nice day!
I hate people like that… they think they own everything, yet they haven’t paid for anything! And yes, she was only looking at the sales and wasn’t even buying food!

It's mine, mine, mine, mine

It’s mine, mine, mine, mine

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