Granny's Icebox Fruit Cake
This was always a special treat prepared by Granny. I think she loved it as much as the grands did.

1 (1 lb.) box vanilla wafers OR Graham cracker, crushed
1 sm. box raisins or dates, chopped
1 qt. pecans, chopped (I prefer ground fine)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 jar of cherries, cut up

Mix the ingredients by hand – press into buttered oblong pan.
Set in refrigerator overnight before cutting. Keep refrigerated.

Note: When we were growing up my grandmother always had this for the Christmas holidays but it’s good anytime.
During the holidays she would add the candied fruit for extra color. It’s easy to find a variety of candied fruit that you can use. Other times she would make one with just the ingredients listed here.
Sometimes she would make one and have it in the fridge when we went to visit on weekends.

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