Grandma’s Evaporated Milk Freeze

Grandma’s Evaporated Milk Freeze, A delicious, fluffy frozen dessert

Transform a package of unsweetened drink mix into this Creamy Frozen Dessert by adding hot water, sugar and evaporated milk.

1 pkg. kool-aid (any flavor)
1 can evaporated milk (14 1/2 oz.)
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. water

Place can of milk in freezer and chill for at least one hour.

Dissolve sugar and kool-aid thoroughly in warm water. Let sit to cool while preparing milk.

Place chilled milk in cold mixing bowl and whip with egg beater until approximately three times the volume.
Then, add Kool-Aid mixture and fold in well.

Place in freezing tray or container of your liking and do not disturb until frozen. About 4 hours.
The hardest part is waiting for the ice cream to harden up! But, trust me it is WORTH the wait!

A delicious, fluffy frozen dessert.

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Frozen Creamy Dessert recipe – Grandma’s Evaporated Milk Freeze
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