3-4 lb chicken breast filets or tuna (cut in bite-size pieces)
1 pkg (4 pk.) of the frozen broccoli n cheese microwave singles
1-2 pkg of the new Philly cooking sauce (garlic flavor)
2-3 tbsp. garlic pepper mix (the kind that comes in a grinder bottle)
1 can baby sweet peas
2 lb noodles (what ever type you like: elbow, bow ties, rotilli, etc.)


Cut up chicken breast into bite-sized pieces. Cook until thoroughly done.
Take a Frozen 4 pk. of the Cheese and Broccoli (that’s ALL 4 of the single microwave servings), and put in with chicken.
Add 1-2 Philly Cooking Sauces (Garlic, 2-3 tablespoons of the garlic/pepper seasoning mix (that’s in the grinder type shaker),
Add a can of baby sweet peas, mix together, and let all simmer for a bit.

While that is simmering, cook noodles till tender.
Rinse in cold water (to cool off and stop cooking process)
Pour the creamy chicken or tuna mixture over noodles, and Enjoy!!!

Grandma’s favorite chicken or tuna casserole

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Shop with Grandma Raised In The South
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