Berry Wine

Berry Wine

Berry Wine

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2 2/3 lb mixed cooking apples
1/2 lb blackcurrants
1 tsp tartaric acid
1 lb freshly picked elderberries
1 lb freshly picked blackberries
1 lb freshly picked black plums or damsons
2 lb sugar
9 oz grape juice concentrate
6 pints water
pectic enzyme
burgundy yeast


Wash, stalk and mash all the fruit, place in a bin and pour hot water
over it. When cool, stir in the acid, pectic enzyme and one Campden
tablet, cover and leave for 24 hours.
Stir in the grape juice, yeast and nutrient and ferment on the pulp for
four days, pressing down the fruit cap daily.
Strain out the fruit, stir in the sugar, pour the must into a
fermentation jar, fit an airlock and ferment out.
Rack into a clean jar, add one crushed Campden tablet and when the wine
is bright, rack again.
Mature this wine for at least one year and serve it free from chill.

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Shop Grandma Raised In The South
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