Autumn Ruby Wine

Autumn Ruby Wine

Autumn Ruby

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2 lb blackberries
2 le elderberries
2 lb sloes
1 lb apples
1/2 lb raisins
1 1/2 white sugar
pectic enzyme
yeast nutrient
general pupose wine yeast


Put the blackberries, elderberries, apples and raisins through an electric liquidiser, mash the sloes by hand and remove the stones.
Add six pints cold water, pectic enzyme and one crushed Campden tablet.
Cover and leave for 24 hours before adding 1 1/2 lb sugar, nutrient and yeast starter. Cover and leave for four days, stirring daily.
Strain liquid into clean container, add 1lb sugar, cover and leave for three days.
Pour carefully into fermenting jar, fit airlock and ferment out. Rack, sulphite and mature in normal way.

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