Apple & Blackberry Wine

Apple & Blackberry Wine

Apple & Blackberry Wine


1.4k (3lb) apples
.9k (2lb) blackberries
450g (1lb) sultanas
450g peeled bananas as “gravy”
570g sugar as sss
all purpose or madeira yeast starter
1 x 3mg vitamin b tablet
pectin destroying enzyme
1 campden tablet
water to make up volume to 4.5 litres


grate the apples and add to 1.4 litres cold water containing 1 campden
tablet, in a clean bucket, together with pectin destroying enzyme/ cover
and leave for 24 hours then add all other ingredients, allowing 1 litre
of juice in the apples and blackberries.
Mix well, take sg reading and subtract from 1.131 – this is the number
of tablespoons of sss to be added during the fermentation.
Ferment on the pulp for 3-5 days, then strain and ferment under airlock,
adding sss as necessary and fermenting to dryness – 0.990-0.994.
Rack and mature as usual.

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