Grandma Chic Decor

Grandma Chic Decor is Anything But New!

What is Grandma Chic?

Grandma Chic decor is NOT a function of the age of any person. Rather, some of the aspects of Grandma Chic Decor are vestiges from an earlier generation.
To us, Grandma Chic Decor is considered a style of home furnishings that is not classic.
It is generally lacking in any particular style, proportion, or cohesion and usually reeks of all that is cute and precious.
This decor style is almost always colorful, interesting, charming, old fashioned, and packed with character.
It might include hand-me-downs, vintage pieces and recycling, all good things for the environment.

Grandma Chic Interiors

Often, handmade items of crochet, embroidery, knitting and lace add interest with their wide range of colors, patterns and textures. A footstool or poof, preferably round and vintage, will give a design an instant Bohemian look. Firm-backed settees usually replace the oversized sofas of the 90s, 2000s and 2010s and look best brightened up with a colored blanket and of course mismatched cushions. With this modernized ‘old lady’ look, pretty much any era goes and the more the merrier! Be assured that this is not a neat or simple look to go for.

In short, Grandma Chic Decor is simply a new marketing term for country cottage. Or, maybe country cottage with some bohemian thrown in.
And, perhaps with a strong mid-century bent and bright, fun, happy colors…often full of whimsy.

Some elements to consider for your Grandma Chic interior design might include:

  1. Lace curtains
  2. Doilies
  3. Lacy shelving trim
  4. Poof or footstool
  5. Crocheted blankets
  6. Fancy tie-backs
  7. Quilts
  8. Painted floorboards
  9. Old rugs
  10. Chenille tablecloth
  11. Antique books
  12. Pillows of various sizes
  13. Fringed lampshades
  14. Wicker furniture
  15. Repurposed doors
  16. Memorabilia or Collectibles
  17. Teapot and cups
  18. Creative and unusual headboards
  19. Antique lamps and tables
  20. Floral arrangements
Signs are often found in a Grandma Chic Kitchen
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