5 Things to Do with Leftover Biscuits

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5+ Things to Do with Leftover Biscuits

Things to do with leftover biscuits

We all know that buttery, flaky biscuits are considered a Southern staple. You can dress them up with fruity jams, savory butters, or just stick a piece of crispy fried chicken in between those fluffy layers.
Everyone loves the simplicity of a flaky, golden brown biscuit with a little butter or jelly, but trust us, you don’t really want to stop there. These buttery delights can be used in countless other recipes. So Grandma is gonna share a few amazing ways to give those tender, buttery biscuits a second go.

If you’re like me… there’s one time I always wish for leftovers, it’s when I make biscuits. In fact, it’s always a good strategy to always make extras so you never have to worry about that problem. Once you’ve had you fill of reheated biscuits coated with a spread of butter or jam, you can try one of these clever ways to use them up instead. Never let leftover biscuits go to waste.

Before tossing those uneaten biscuits, try these five plus ways to make the most of those delicious leftovers.

Bread Pudding
When soaked in custard and mixed with your choice of sweet or savory ingredients, leftover biscuits are the rich, unexpected ingredient that brings a twist to bread pudding. Don’t have enough biscuits for a whole recipe? Consider also mixing in some bread, or cutting the recipe down to serve two.
Swap the bread with leftover biscuits, and prepare the recipe the same way. The buttermilk biscuits will add even more delicious Southern flavor. Try this easy recipe with fresh blueberries that can be served for brunch or dessert.
Grandma’s Favorite… Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding

Breakfast Sandwich
Give your bacon and eggs an instant upgrade by putting them in the middle of a biscuit along with a slice of cheese. Warm up in the microwave or oven for a warm, melty, comforting breakfast.

You may be inclined to throw out biscuits once they’ve gone stale, but trust us, don’t. Crumble them up and broil them on a pizza stone or cookie sheet for a couple minutes for buttery, crunchy croutons. We recommend them on an iceberg lettuce wedge or chef salad.
There’s something about crunchy, homemade croutons that really elevate soups and salads. And they are incredibly easy to make. Let your biscuits get a little stale, and then cut them into bite-size cubes. Coat them with melted butter or olive oil; sprinkle them with salt and pepper and any seasoning of your choosing; and pop them in the oven until crispy. Top your next salad with Rosemary Biscuit Croutons.
For example, whether you’ve got just a few stragglers or a whole batch of leftovers, crunchy stovetop croutons are always a smart choice. I’ve touted the praise of toasting stale loaves and even quick bread into bite-sized croutons, and I firmly believe leftover biscuits deserve the same kind of treatment. You can also use biscuit croutons to garnish salads and soups, or to give oatmeal and grain bowls a crunchy topping.

Another easy option for leftover biscuits is to make a crowd-pleasing trifle dessert. Layer the biscuits with fresh fruit, sweet cream, custard, and more for a mouthwatering dessert that comes together in minutes. We love this Strawberry-Sugar Biscuit Trifle for spring and summer.
This fast and fancy layered dessert typically relies on pound cake, but buttery biscuits are a fun twist.

Inspired by chicken and biscuits, treat any creamy casserole to a topping of lightly crisped, toasted biscuits. Since the biscuits are already cooked, just slice them in half and place on top of the casserole for the last five to 10 minutes of cooking — just enough time to warm them through and crisp the outsides. The juicy filling will take care of rehydrating any hard bits.
Incorporate leftover biscuits into casseroles for a comforting weeknight meal. Instead of pastry crust, top chicken pot pie with crispy biscuits for even more delicious flavor. For a savory breakfast casserole, use cooked biscuits in this Sausage, Biscuit, and Gravy Bake—all of your favorites in one, easy dish.

Sausage, Egg and Biscuit Casserole
If your biscuits aren’t fresh enough for a breakfast sandwich, just make a casserole. Fold crumbled biscuits and cooked sausage into a mixture of eggs, milk and cheddar cheese seasoned with salt and pepper. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

Reheat leftover biscuits and fill them with ham, turkey, chicken, and more for mini sandwiches that make great appetizers or snacks. Try our recipe for ham biscuits with tangy mustard butter.
Upgrade your slider party tray with crowd-pleasing biscuit buns! Cut the biscuits in half, and line a baking sheet or cake pan with the bottoms. Spread a layer of your favorite condiments on the biscuits, then top with your choice of deli meat and cheese. Place your biscuit tops on the cheese and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.

Honey Chicken Biscuit
If you have leftover biscuits and fried chicken, you’ve hit the jackpot. Warm up both, then put the chicken in the middle of the biscuit along with a small pat of butter and a drizzle of honey.

Facing just a couple extras? Treat those leftover biscuits like a loaf of stale bread and turn them into breadcrumbs. It’s a staple ingredient that can be used for meatballs and veggie burgers or for giving pasta dishes and casseroles with a crunchy topping.

Panade is a rustic dish that marries the best parts of a casserole and bread pudding, and comes together easily with any mix of pantry items, leftover veggies, and stale bread. Leftover buttery biscuits would give this a very welcome twist.

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